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Partnerships are always celebrated here at Onboard, as they are the foundation of our working together mentality. We think it’s important to announce them and share with you how they benefit not just the parties currently involved, but potentially, the entire maritime industry.

Onboard’s sharing with you a new partnership, this time, with Acta Marine. The globally operating maritime support provider has decided to work with Onboard, installing our platform on its new ship Acta Auriga in September 2018. The DP2 Walk to Work (W2W) vessel is using our Fuel Efficiency app. The app provides insight into the fuel performance of the vessel. This includes a complete report of every activity, vessel utilization, fuel efficiency, and tools to optimize it.

The new vessel has been designed as a Construction Support Vessel (CSV) for offshore oil and gas, and wind farm projects. The Acta Auriga can also be used to provide Walk to Work transfer of personnel and cargo. With 80 cabins, the ship can accommodate 120 persons on board and can remain offshore for periods up to 30 days.

This new partnership with Acta Marine opens the door to a new market for Onboard. We look forward to anchoring more business with more innovative partners in the offshore wind farm sector.

About Acta Marine

Acta Marine is a maritime support provider with a versatile fleet of over 40 vessels. The company operates globally; supporting clients working on coastal infrastructure and offshore energy projects.

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