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Onboard Apps

Accelerate efficiencies with Onboard Apps

Say goodbye to guesswork, and hello to unbiased decision-making. Onboard Apps deliver operational efficiency, slash fuel consumption, and reduce paperwork.

Operational efficiency and the path to net-zero

By 2050, clean fuel technologies will be deployed at scale across global fleets. But until - and even after - we get to that point, we need to improve the operational efficiency of our existing assets. Fortunately, there are literally thousands of things we can do today to achieve this. Onboard Apps unlock this potential.

Reinier Dick

We have connected aggregated data across our chartered fleet, and quickly discovered multiple ways to optimize operations and offer greater value to our clients.

Reinier DickBusiness Manager SNS Pool, Peterson

Fleet performance solutions that
benefit both owners and charterers

  1. For asset owners

    If oversupply of assets and low margins are challenges for you, Onboard offers a powerful way to differentiate your vessels and add value for your prospects and customers.

    By working with Onboard you not only realize significant efficiency gains, but can demonstrate this value objectively to clients, helping to win new business and strengthen relationships.

  2. For charterers

    Realize significant efficiency gains, understand performance across all your suppliers and remove the potential for misunderstanding and guesswork.

    Implementing Onboard Apps is fast, easy, and cost-effective, and they can easily be redeployed on new vessels as your business requirements evolve.

Apps available on and offshore

Your offshore crew and onshore staff can both log into the same platform, but with apps tailored to their specific roles and responsibilities. This enables your organization to collaborate seamlessly.

The offshore apps run on the Onboard Maritime IoT Gateway installed on the vessel, and work on and offline. The intuitive touch interface of the offshore apps makes registrations easy and communication effective for your crew. The onshore apps run in the Onboard Cloud and give your organization insights from across your entire fleet. From here you control access to both.

The groundbreaking advantage of having tailored interfaces and insights for each team is possible due to the Onboard Platform.

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Fast and sustainable gains

With the right strategy, maritime businesses can finally leverage their data’s strategic value, improve
operations, increase profits, and strengthen relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers.

  1. Launch and scale

    Onboard can be installed by your crew, and our Maritime IoT Gateway can connect with most key machines, sensors, and systems out of the box. From there it is a simple process to connect to the cloud, run apps, and start making data-driven decisions. At at time when margins are being squeezed, this enables maritime businesses to rapidly demonstrate transformation and value.

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  2. Collaborate effectively

    Collaboration powers digital innovation. Share key insights with internal and external stakeholders by providing access to apps, exporting data to Excel, or integrating maritime data from across your fleet directly into dashboards or applications via the Vessel API.

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  3. Be ready for the future

    Companies that seize opportunities presented by new digital technologies are going to develop strong competitive advantages. Working with Onboard means access to a constantly growing app and partner ecosystem, and an expanding list of supported protocols to add new data sources.

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