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A new era in
maritime operations

Onboard connects vessels, equipment, and onshore operations to the cloud and your complete supply chain. You benefit from greater access to data, massive efficiency gains, and the ability to innovate your business.

Acta Marine Kotug Peterson Van Wijngaarden Royal Wagenborg

Creating new opportunities

  1. For maritime businesses

    Accelerate your efficiency gains, expand your data insights, and differentiate your fleet with Onboard’s groundbreaking technology.

  2. For developers

    Build your app and connect with your customers with Onboard’s state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Koos Smoor

We experienced a 16% increase in fuel savings already, and the crew is happy they don’t have to fill in their logbooks anymore. All the information from our sensors can be accessed via a mobile device by everybody within the supply chain.

Koos Smoor Manager Fleet Performance & Innovation, Kotug International