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Onboard has made its debut in this year’s March/ April edition of International Tug & OSV’s magazine. International Tug & OSV is a leading maritime news magazine with a focused interest in international tug, towage, salvage and OSV industries.

A while back, Tug approached us for a piece about our maritime platform and our partnership with KOTUG. Erwin Strik and Florus Wilming, founders of Onboard, were more than happy to share their view on (inter)connectivity and big data, and how it’s time to shake up collaboration in the maritime world. Furthermore, the article briefly explains how Onboard’s first operation with KOTUG is the proof that our maritime software solution is positively contributing to connecting the maritime world.

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About Onboard

Onboard is a technology startup that aims to transform the way maritime businesses operate. Our digital infrastructure connects vessels, crew, and onshore operations to the cloud and supply chain. Maritime businesses and developers benefit from greater access to data, massive efficiency gains, and the ability to innovate their business.

We are excited to talk to maritime professionals to find out how we can solve your key problems and help the industry innovate. Please don't hesitate to get in touch, give us a call at tel:+3110312507 or write us at:

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