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Onboard Platform

Say hello to your connected fleet

The Onboard Platform unlocks data from your maritime assets, equipment, sensors, and people, and delivers it wherever and however you need.

Built to standardize the digital transformation
of the maritime world

In the maritime world today, the large number of different connection interfaces and data protocols of on board equipment and sensors make information siloed and hard to access. The Onboard Platform is the solution to this challenge. It is a scalable, standardized infrastructure built to connect the global maritime industry. Beyond connecting machines, systems, and sensors, it connects your crew, the supply chain and runs apps. This transforms your vessels, cargo, machines, systems, and sensors into smart devices, unleashes the potential of big data, and will help the industry power a smarter, more sustainable future. The Onboard Platform spans proprietary software and hardware, made up of three key parts.

Maritime IoT gateway - cloud computing power on your vessel

The Onboard Maritime IoT Gateway is purpose-built hardware that interfaces with all onboard systems, collects and processes data from crew and machines, and runs apps on board. The gateway also connects with the cloud, ensuring that onshore staff is able to access data from your vessel and across your fleet.

Onboard Cloud - your platform your data

The Onboard Cloud is the heart of the Onboard Platform. It connects all parties, linking offshore, onshore, and your supply chain. It also processes your data for easy access on your vessels, and includes the capabilities necessary to make it easy for developers, data scientists, and analysts to store and use data of any size and shape.

Vessel API - a powerful new way to communicate with your fleet

The Onboard Vessel API gives you immediate access to all your app and platform data. From one endpoint, it connects your fleet and business in ways that weren't possible before. Whether you want to find highly specific information, build integrations into your dashboards, or automate workflows, the Onboard Vessel API can help.

Shell is using the Vessel API to monitor and optimize its operations in the North Sea. The company pulls real-time operational data from multiple chartered vessels via the Vessel API, and integrates it with their Microsoft Power BI fleet control center.

The Onboard Platform is designed for
collaboration in two ways

  1. Best in breed integrations

    Digital innovation initiatives in the maritime industry rely heavily on the availability and use of operational data from ships. The Onboard Vessel API opens up this data flow, offering an universal connection to your maritime assets, people and processes.

    Incredible innovation is possible when customers and supply chain partners start working together using APIs. API-powered collaboration is about to explode in the maritime industry. Are you ready?

  2. Develop your own apps

    Digital customer interactions are a global megatrend. With Onboard, partners can own a key customer touchpoint and reach new stakeholders and prospects, on future-proof, developer-friendly infrastructure.

    Onboard provides the infrastructure to build your interaction, but you own the customer experience through the process of developing your app and building for your customers' needs.