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Infrastructure for the global maritime industry

The Onboard Platform is built to standardize the digital transformation of maritime operations worldwide.

Your smart fleet is just around the corner

In the maritime industry today, multiple communication protocols, pieces of equipment, systems, vessels, and a dazzling array of data points make information siloed and hard to access.

The Onboard Platform is the solution to this challenge. It is a scalable, standardized infrastructure built to connect the global maritime industry. Beyond connecting machines, systems and sensors, it runs apps, and opens the flow of data, literally digitizing vessels and fleets. This transforms your vessels, cargo, machines, systems and sensors into smart devices, unleashes the potential of big data, and will help the industry power a smarter, more sustainable future.

Onboard Server

The Onboard Server is purpose-built hardware that interfaces with all onboard systems, collects and processes data from crew and machines, and runs apps on board. It’s simple to install and designed for life at sea.

Onboard Server

Onboard Cloud

The Onboard Cloud is the heart of the Onboard Platform. It connects all parties, linking offshore, onshore, and your supply chain. It also processes your data for easy access on your vessel.

Onboard Cloud

Onboard API

The Onboard API gives you immediate access to all your app and platform data. From one endpoint, it connects your fleet and business in ways that weren’t possible before.

Onboard API

Infrastructure built for you

  1. For maritime businesses

    Are you a fleet operator or owner? Learn more about the business benefits of the Onboard Platform here.

  2. For developers

    Are you a maritime equipment manufacturer? Learn more about how to build maritime apps and reach your customers here.

Get started with Onboard

Getting started with Onboard is easy. We offer services and support throughout rollout and beyond on request, that extends installation support to consultancy services, training your crew and colleagues onshore, and supporting you with custom data analysis.

  1. Install plug and play Onboard Server

    We have servers available ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. Out of the box, the Onboard Server is able to communicate with a large number of onboard machines, systems and sensors.

    Onboard Server
  2. Connect to Onboard Cloud

    After connecting to the vessel network the Onboard Server will automatically connect to the Onboard Cloud. From here our team is able to support you remotely every step of the way.

    Onboard Cloud
  3. Run apps, streamline operations

    It’s as easy as that. You’re ready to slash fuel consumption, remove pointless paperwork, and aggregate data from disconnected systems.

    Onboard Apps
  4. Take it a step further

    Connect to the Onboard API and deeply integrate maritime data from across your fleet directly into your own dashboards or applications. The sky's the limit in terms of what you can build, find out and act on!

    Onboard API