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Onboard Analytics

Self-service analytics in Onboard

Search, select, combine, visualize and report your maritime data in any way you like.

Discover hidden insights and turn data into action

Every maritime business is unique. With Onboard's self-service analytics solution, you can visualize data insights right for your business, and build competitive advantages that no other business can beat.

Onboard Analytics

From data capture to analytics all in one platform

Onboard covers the complete scope from data capture on board your vessel from your equipment and crew, to transfer, processing and analysis. Install the plug and play Onboard Maritime IoT Gateway on your vessels and everything else works out of the box.

  1. Collect

    Collect the data you need from any machine, system or sensor and turn your vessel into a smart device.

    Onboard Gateway
  2. Contextualize

    Add operational context to the vast amounts of machine data with Onboard Apps and create game-changing insights.

    Onboard Apps
  3. Access

    Access all platform and app data via one unified endpoint and built integrations and services on top of it.

    Vessel API
  4. Analyze

    Search, select, combine, visualize and report rich contextualized data from accros your fleet in any way you like.

    Get ready to see what your data can do for you.

Build KPIs right for your business

Our self-service analytics solution is a powerful tool to research new ways to bring efficiency and value. Iterate by adding new data points, searches, filters, and so on. Encourage the use of data and empower your people with the right tools.

Create dashboards, reports, and alerts

Create visualizations and reports to keep track of your operations, costs, margins, and quality for internal and external use. Immediately learn about actionable alerts from your vessels and equipment, and minimize disruption by quickly identifying and resolving issues.

Onboard Maritime IoT Gateway