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Fuel Efficiency

The smarter way to slash fuel costs, comply with environmental regulations, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Accelerating toward a lower-carbon future

Fuel efficiency is an increasingly important consideration in maritime operations globally, as the industry looks to reduce its environmental impact and move to a lower-carbon future. Organizations today are already leveraging the Onboard Fuel Efficiency app to help align with environmental standards - and save significant amounts (16%) on fuel!

Collect fuel consumption data from any system or sensor

The Fuel Efficiency app is an equipment-neutral solution that can be used across your entire fleet, no matter which equipment vendors you work with - or even if you are already using a different solution.

It directly interfaces with engines or any fuel measurement sensor and collects data to measure fuel consumption, vessel position, distance travelled, and speed.

Fuel consumption illustration

Empower your crew to meet targets

In the app, you can set targets per vessel, voyage, and crew member. Crew can track progress against these in real time, and share feedback on opportunities for efficiency gains. These functionalities can turbocharge your fuel savings in a number of ways.

  1. Build a culture of efficiency

    By making your crew collaborators in the drive to save fuel, the app strengthens shared expectations and taps the crew’s knowledge around efficiency and sustainability. This creates a culture where meeting targets is not just a reactive task given to the crew, but an intrinsic part of daily behavior.

  2. Provide real-time feedback

    Over the course of a voyage, you can pinpoint the exact reasons why targets were or were not met, giving you the ability to make short-term decisions to reduce consumption.

  3. Benchmark your entire fleet

    Over the long term, this valuable information can help you build a comprehensive picture of why certain vessels beat targets more than others, and these best practices can be applied across your entire fleet - saving multiples of your original gains.

Leverage operational data for drastic, sustainable cost reductions

Always running your vessel at the right speed can help you save some fuel. But across your operations there is enormous amounts of knowledge and data which can identify other ways to save. What if you could tap other data sources to make smart decisions around planning and vessel deployment?

With the Fuel Efficiency app, you can combine your fuel consumption and operational data from the Digital Logbook to build a comprehensive data set showing where you can make deep efficiency gains. This enables you to look at all possible aspects of your operation to save fuel, from both offshore and on. And if you want access to the raw data, you can use the Onboard API to analyze data in any way that will help you drive efficiency gains.

Easy to start and so much more you can do

  1. Plug and play, and fully supported

    Connecting data sources is a simple procedure, which can be done by your own staff, with the help of Onboard, or by Onboard completely.

    We offer a complete range of services on request, that extends installation support to consultancy services, training your crew and colleagues onshore, and supporting you with custom data analysis.

  2. Share your data and create your own reports

    Access is not limited to your crew and onshore staff - you can export data to Excel, create your own reports, and give real-time access to your clients, protected by a login.

  3. Integrate fuel efficiency data into dashboards and apps

    With the Onboard API, you have the power to integrate data into your own dashboards or apps, and make sense of your data in any way you want.

Offshore features

  • See your targets for fuel efficiency
  • Track your performance in real time, and receive longer-term feedback
  • Share your own performance-enhancing feedback

Onshore features

  • Set fleet targets, track performance and quickly identify inefficiencies
  • Streamline your entire operations to save fuel, based on detailed insights in-app
  • Create and share fuel reports and raw fuel consumption data

Get started with Onboard

Getting started with Onboard is easy. We offer services and support throughout rollout and beyond on request, that extends installation support to consultancy services, training your crew and colleagues onshore, and supporting you with custom data analysis.

  1. Install plug and play Onboard Server

    We have servers available ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. Out of the box, the Onboard Server is able to communicate with a large number of onboard machines, systems and sensors.

    Onboard Server
  2. Connect to Onboard Cloud

    After connecting to the vessel network the Onboard Server will automatically connect to the Onboard Cloud. From here our team is able to support you remotely every step of the way.

    Onboard Cloud
  3. Run apps, streamline operations

    It’s as easy as that. You’re ready to slash fuel consumption, remove pointless paperwork, and aggregate data from disconnected systems.

    Onboard Apps
  4. Take it a step further

    Connect to the Onboard API and deeply integrate maritime data from across your fleet directly into your own dashboards or applications. The sky's the limit in terms of what you can build, find out and act on!

    Onboard API