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Onboard Cloud

Your data your applications

The cloud environment for designing, building, and deploying custom maritime business applications, managed by the Onboard team under your ownership.

The backbone of the Onboard Platform

The Onboard Cloud runs your apps, and stores and processes data from all connected assets. It handles a great deal of complexity, since data sets from maritime machines and apps have extremely varied characteristics and processing requirements.

The Onboard Cloud includes the capabilities necessary to make it easy for developers, data scientists, and analysts to store and use data of any size and shape.

Onboard Cloud illustration

Fully-managed, scalable service

Working with Onboard Apps is so seamless as to be barely noticeable, and implementation of the Onboard Cloud is fast and easily scaled. The Onboard team manages and maintains the underlying infrastructure. You simply adjust your subscription on a monthly basis, scaling consumption requirements based on the number of vessels connected to the Onboard Cloud.

First-class security

Security is a key consideration in the maritime industry and at Onboard.

  1. Security at the

    Our Gateways only use outgoing connections. This means it's not necessary to open ports on your vessels for incoming traffic, and ensures your vessel network is secure.

  2. Data protection and ownership

    Data is encrypted in transit, and access rights for the Onboard team are restricted. Physical access to your data is restricted and your data is always your property.

  3. Secure development cycle

    Security is built into our software development practices. We employ most common control frameworks and continually assess the security of our software before we release any new code.