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It’s finally time you see a short clip of how our apps work. We’re featured in RTL Z’s new Doe Maar Duurzaam program last month. The show is the one to watch if you want to stay up to date on new technologies and innovations that fall within the sustainability industry. Onboard is very happy to be recognized as a part of that. In the clip, KOTUG International, our first customer using our Energy Efficiency app, explains how they use technology and data to run their business.

Industry transformation

“Digital transformation is key if you want to be at the forefront in this competitive industry,” says Ard-Jan Kooren, CEO at KOTUG International. KOTUG works with our Energy Efficiency app to monitor and optimize operations around the world, and to share this data with their clients, he continues.

Information from sensors is accessed from a mobile device, and this information can be shared across the supply chain, explains Koos Smoor, Manager Fleet Performance and Innovation, KOTUG International. By having the possibility to understand exactly how their fleet operated, the company has already saved 16% on fuel costs.

Collaboration is key

One of our founders, Erwin Strik says: “The real challenge lies in organizing innovation. We believe that the key to transforming the maritime industry is working together.” It’s what needs to happen, so we can step into the future.

Watch the whole video and see the future of the maritime industry!

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