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We're pleased to announce that KOTUG International BV will be our first customer using the Onboard Platform.

Onboard will deliver its new Maritime connectivity solution to connect four vessels of Kotug Seabulk Maritime (KSM), a joint venture between KOTUG International and Seabulk Towing Inc.

The platform will provide KSM complete insight into their vessels' operations. This includes a full report of every activity, vessel performance, fuel efficiency and tools to optimize it. The app will also give KSM total control over fleet planning.

The crew will be equipped with a bridge display and receive their planning from their on-shore site, as well as real-time feedback on their fuel efficiency. In addition, the crew will have the possibility to log and communicate all their operational activities with their colleagues on shore.

Onboard is very happy to have KOTUG and its joint venture partner as new business partners. We are looking forward to building a robust relationship and developing new connective applications that will benefit all crewmembers and stakeholders.

For more information on Onboard connectivity solutions, please give us a call at tel:+3110312507 or write us at:

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