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We are excited to announce the launch of the next generation of the Onboard Server, which features a number of improvements designed to make it more powerful, durable, and user-friendly.

The three key improvements are:

Extended durability from new thermal design

The new Onboard Server has a passive cooling solution integrated into its design. Heat from the inside components is drawn away and distributed to an aluminum heatsink on the outside of the chassis. This results in a cooling performance above industry standards, for every mounting orientation, whether wall, flat, or even upside-down. No moving parts and lower component temperatures mean no wear, greater reliability, and a longer component lifespan.

Flexible installation made possible by enhanced form factor

The updated design is lighter and more compact. It comes with all fixture components included, so you can mount it in whichever way is most suitable. Components include a 19-inch rack or wall mount, a new cable entry with strain relief, and cable plugs with screw locking for quick and easy cable assembly.

Easier setup and management with information display

Finally, an OLED display provides information to the user during installation and use, making the whole system straightforward to manage from the beginning. Information displayed includes network configuration and server and connectivity status.

About the Onboard Server

The Onboard Server brings cloud capabilities on board, connecting your vessel and crew to the world. It turns your vessel into a smart device interfacing with every possible machine, system, or sensor on board, and runs the apps available to your crew. Designed for life at sea the Onboard Server is able to cope with the challenging circumstances of communicating offshore at sea, and to safeguard the security of your data and vessel. The new Onboard Server is designed in collaboration with Spark Design & Innovation.

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