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A better way to build customer relationships

With Onboard, maritime equipment manufacturers and partners can own a key customer touchpoint and reach new stakeholders and prospects, on future-proof, developer-friendly infrastructure.

Create digital customer interactions

Delivering digital customer experiences is a high-octane trend, enabled by the relentless adoption of cloud computing, ubiquity of mobile devices, and fast-evolving customer expectations. But the maritime equipment industry faces unique practical and technical challenges in delivering this to customers. These challenges include internet and network connectivity issues, siloed equipment, and a lack of data standard to make the connection to all of them.

Onboard solves all these issues. We offer a bold, breakthrough way for equipment manufacturers to deliver these digital customer experiences, and completely own the customer touchpoint. All on a robust, future proof, infrastructure, significantly reducing your costs.

Own a valuable, new customer touchpoint

Onboard provides the infrastructure to build your interaction, but you own the customer experience through the process of developing your app and building for your customers' needs.

In a world where customer experience is a key differentiator, owning this experience can become a critical advantage that sets you apart from your competition.

Within this setup, Onboard is an invisible middleman - providing the infrastructure and offering full autonomy to your software developers.

How you benefit

  1. Accelerate innovation and future-proof your customer touchpoints

    Since you don't need to worry about the infrastructure or availability of your app, you have more freedom to focus on functionality and innovation, providing more value to your customer.

    Onboard Platform is an easy way to provide value digitally, without being sidetracked by expensive and time-consuming projects outside your core competencies.

  2. Instantly expand your user base

    With the Onboard Platform, you can instantly reach more users thanks to our existing installed base. And as our installed base grows, so does your potential user base.

    This leads to a virtuous cycle. The more the installed base grows the more app developers are attracted. And the more apps are developed the more the installed base grows.

  3. Creating multiples of value together

    Our goal is not only to offer you a platform. We also see a future where we drive innovation together in two distinct, but related ways:

    1) by collaborating with you on app development, and

    2) by working together to discover new synergies from multiple apps and data sources.

    With these two approaches we believe that we can deliver multiples of value to fleet operators and asset owners, and optimize the business processes of the entire maritime industry.